Chasing freedom

7:30 the alarm clock rings,

8:00 go out for working

8:30 Arrive at the company

8;30-18:00 work time

18:00 go back home


Every day, we acted just like the machine which has been installed automatically, every day we repeated the activity, come in and go out the different building, living within the boring, callous, comfortless ambiance.


What do you think of the animals who lived in the cages of the zoo?

Now, we are living in the life’s cage, we are anxious as the money,the job, the study.


Is it possible to be a bird without the constraint? Just flying to where you want to go, the mountain, the sea, the faraway hometown.


We are always chasing the freedom, as the poet says “Life is dear, love is dearer. Both can be given up for freedom”.

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