Childhood’s Dream Disney

If you asked a child where he/she wants to go, the answer is various, go to Mars to see the alien, go to the zoo for the cute animals, and how about going to Disney? It’s impossible to refuse, especially for the kids.

However, Disney is for all generations, no matter how old are you. The Snow White, Micky Mouse, Winnie is well-known around the world which accompany children to pass a happy childhood. Even the child has grown up, the love for Disney’s world will not disappear.

With time goes by, we are facing more problems than before, the simplest happiness has been forgotten. Disney where we most want to go when we were children becomes the secret paradise. Why not choose the tattoo to show the love for Disney and the cartoon characters? To remember the little wish of becoming the princess or the hero, remember the relaxing time of watching the cartoon with best friends, remember the pure time.

Keep the most beautiful memory of childhood, it’s precious time.

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