Hide Tattoo

There are many reasons to get tattoos, express yourself, souvenir something special for you, just to be cool. And some people want to share the art on their bodies with others, but if you don’t like the others ask you the tattoo’s meaning or notice your tattoo, how about hiding it on your body?

On the contrary to the big tattoo which covers the arm or impressive (and colorful) sleeves of ink, the tiny tattoo on the imperceptible place of your body, such as the ear, finger, sole, it’s the good choice for the people who want to hide the tattoo.

Tattoo is personnal or public, just refer to your feeling. Just because you aren't down with the idea of having to talk to everyone about your ink, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to get the damn thing done if it's what you want. Heck, that's what hidden tattoos are all about.

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