Precious memory

Living on the modern city, from one skyscraper to the other skyscraper, the temperature of the office is always 25°under the control of the air conditioner, do you feel the change of the season?

When we are children, in the spring, the river thawed, it’s the best season to go fishing and go hiking.

In the summer, the star shines brightly on the sky, the father will tell us where is the Big Dipper.

In the autumn, the leaves fall, it’s the season of rugby and barbecue, we are always flying the kite on the hill.

In the winter, we make the promise on the snowy Christmas, waiting for the gifts, it’s the happy ending of one year.

With time goes by, many things have been forgotten, could the tattoo be the link that takes us to remember the old memory while now leaving home, we find ourselves living in a bustling city?

One year, two people, three meals, four seasons, the tattoo is temporary, but the time spent with you is eternal in the memory.

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